Friday, June 1, 2012

a couple of hidden gems

hi friends,

we write today to tell you about a couple of hidden gems right here in austin :  flock and eastside supply co.   both are relatively new; it's no surprise if you haven't heard of them yet, but you really ought to know!  they are a couple of those rare inspirational little places that feel like slices of heaven.  great atmosphere, great treasures, great people.

flock makes you feel good.  the two gals behind the scenes have carefully curated an elegant selection of jewelry, scarves, photography, stationary, candles, hand-crafted jellies, gifts, interior decor and more; a visit to flock feels like a trip to the spa.  if you're near oxford and south lamar, do stop by!  you'll feel rejuvenated.

east side supply co. makes you feel cool.  the print makers behind sanctuary print shop have opened a small east austin store to share with others where they feature their own printed garb plus jeans, designer eyewear, belts, accessories, cards, laser cut map puzzles by our very own steven mattern, and more!  this one is especially fun for girls and boys alike.

drop in when you're near either or both-- they will not disappoint.  guaranteed.

all the best,

kristen + eve