Friday, June 29, 2012

inaugural member spotlight: j. haley of the j. haley arts institute

hi friends!

here at MAKE, we aspire to keep our blog regularly updated with what is happening in the studio, and, of course, that includes the work of our wonderful members.  we think featuring each member would be a great way to give folks a better idea of the spectrum of projects that are possible with patty princess of power, promote the incredible wares of our fellow makers, and even let our members get to know each other a little better. members were invited to answer the following questions and to submit photos demonstrating their talents.

we kick off our new member spotlight series with j. haley, our trusty shop attendant who will soon move on to bigger and equally rad pastures in the wilds of new hampshire.  we chose j. for our first member spotlight not only because we love him and we'll miss him, but also because he has a show closing at the main pump project tomorrow; you should check it out and meet the man for yourself!  here's proof:


tell us a little bit about your work.  

My work, though created by myself, is inspired by a belief that I am being informed by the J. Haley Arts Institute, an entity from the future. We do not have anyway to corroborate this information, but are sure, that for the most part, this work makes itself present in the form of Mixed Media Drawings and Paintings, Words on the Interwebs, and even Events an Activities.

who or what inspired you to start designing/making things yourself?  

Just always made art, the advent of super sweet modernized tools that are available to the commoner has only helped expand our/my ability to make stuff that is even more super sweet.

what is your favorite material to work with?  what materials are still on your “to laser” list?

I like the way wood looks with lasered words. But I would like to see if I could laser into a thin layer of drywall mud on plywood and the add charcoal drawings  and a coating of polyurethane. I have done the latter process and love the vintage look the mud and poly does to the imagery. Maybe the addition of words would be just as cool. 

do you have a favorite project you’ve completed at the MAKEatx workshop?

I do not place anything in a hierarchal structural as I would not like to have any of my work feel bad about being sub par. 

do you have any advice for anyone interested in laser-cutting?
Experiment and work confidently. Find something you like and mass produce. Then go back to step one.

we know you’re great at making all kinds of crafty things, but what’s your favorite meal to make?

I like making it up with what I got. Sometimes it twists in the middle like a tomato based chicken noodle, turning into a garden veggie creamy delight, using the rest of the almond milk and the last of the shredded three cheese blend.

what’s your favorite handmade item you own?

Not sure. Let me make a couple more things and then I'll get back to you.

can we buy any of your creations around town? online?

Online is a bit hard now, but Saturday is the closing of my show at the main gallery at the Pump Project Art Complex and there is still quite a bit to get.  And after that look for my work at GrayDUCK gallery on S. 1st.

where would you take patty princess of power for a nice evening in austin?
I like home cooked meals and then it might be easier to convince her to stay over and just move in for good.

if you had to start creating your work under an entirely new name, what would you choose?
The J. Haley Arts World Power.

member's choice: add and answer your own question.  choose-your-own-adventure-style.

Q. If I were to ask my self a question, what would it be?
A. If I were to ask my self a question, what would it be?

payback time: ask us a question!
Why aren't y'all rich yet, your work is awesome, and your workshop should have workshops, plural?

thanks, j. haley; it's been real.

custom work at its coolest

we recently heard from william hodges, a groom-to-be with one of the most creative groomsmen gifts we've ever known: monogrammed hatchets!  we're please to share with you a few photos we took here at the shop featuring the results of eve's laser handiwork and william's genius.  enjoy!

congratulations to william and his wife!  all the best and see you 'round the shop,

kristen + eve

Friday, June 15, 2012


hi friends!

our glass etching class last night was a huge success, and we had a total blast.  props to hour and all the lovely designers who made it out for the class last evening!  here's a photo of the intrepid etchers photographing their new wares:

be sure to check out the glass blowing class in july with and the remarkably talented women of the east side glass studio.  they will knock your socks off!

love and lasers,

kristen + eve + patty princess of power

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

glass etching class

Whether you're looking to create the kind of last minute, personalized Father's Day present that seems like it must have been planned well in advance or just looking to pick up a new skill in good company, we'd love to have you for our glass etching class tomorrow evening!  We'll be etching pint glasses in partnership with our friends over at Women.Design.Build for HourSchool, and there are a few slots left if you're interested in joining us at the workshop.

Since the pint glass is perhaps most associated with sports team logos, we thought we'd put together a mini inspiration round up to give you a few more ideas of what you can create, but we promise if you walk away with a Longhorn drinking receptacle, we won't judge you!

Patty Princess of Power hard at work on one of our own houndstooth designs.

You can look to vintage homewares, like these mid-century tumblers available from The White Pepper on Etsy, for inspiration. 

These gorgeous pint glasses from Daydreem Designs on Etsy would be perfect for holding your seasonal brew of choice.  

And, of course, sometimes simple text in a nice font does the job best!  

Event Information:
When: Thursday June 14 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Where: MAKEatx, 1109 Shady Lane
Price:  $20 (price includes pint glass)
To learn more and sign up, check out the Hour School website

We hope to see you tomorrow!

Friday, June 1, 2012

a couple of hidden gems

hi friends,

we write today to tell you about a couple of hidden gems right here in austin :  flock and eastside supply co.   both are relatively new; it's no surprise if you haven't heard of them yet, but you really ought to know!  they are a couple of those rare inspirational little places that feel like slices of heaven.  great atmosphere, great treasures, great people.

flock makes you feel good.  the two gals behind the scenes have carefully curated an elegant selection of jewelry, scarves, photography, stationary, candles, hand-crafted jellies, gifts, interior decor and more; a visit to flock feels like a trip to the spa.  if you're near oxford and south lamar, do stop by!  you'll feel rejuvenated.

east side supply co. makes you feel cool.  the print makers behind sanctuary print shop have opened a small east austin store to share with others where they feature their own printed garb plus jeans, designer eyewear, belts, accessories, cards, laser cut map puzzles by our very own steven mattern, and more!  this one is especially fun for girls and boys alike.

drop in when you're near either or both-- they will not disappoint.  guaranteed.

all the best,

kristen + eve