Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Everyone loves mail, right?  I'm not talking about bills, advertisements, and friendly reminders that it's time to schedule a dental check up, of course, or even the spoils of the online shopping addiction you may or may not have.  Actual, physical cards are simply one of the most effective, minimal effort heart-warming devices known to man. 

The quality spectrum runs from the lowest of the low (cringe-inducing grocery store purchases from distant relatives with questionable senses of humor) to the best of the best (our line of folding cards available at a variety of retail locations in Austin and online). It usually doesn't matter too much what's inside a hand-addressed envelope, though - the act of opening it is a pretty rad ritual in itself.  Cash is always a good idea, though.

If you find yourself at the Pump Project Satellite, be sure to save on postage and pop something into our new MAKEmailbox. 

But if you (quite sadly) won't be showing your face around these parts anytime soon, the postal service will do the trick. Here's some cool mail we got a while back from command G, St. Ed's graphic design student group:

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