Saturday, March 31, 2012

new products!

keep an eye out for our new coaster sets available at shops around austin and perhaps in our etsy store too! here's a sneak peek:

"just add crystal pepsi" 1990s-themed mistaken lyrics coasters

"just add new coke" : 1980s-themed mistaken lyrics coasters 

 "older songs for younger hears" : vintage tune-themed mistaken lyric coasters

"correct giggles for incorrect reasons" : highly immature mistaken lyric coasters

"semi-edible theme, inedible coasters" : snack food-themed mistaken lyric coasters 

"eat it, just eat it" : food-themed mistaken lyric coasters

"amor on cork" : love-themed mistaken lyric coasters

"giggles for silly gooses" : animal-themed mistaken lyric coasters

and stay tuned for our greatest hits coaster set!  suggestions for more funny mistaken lyrics coasters or themes?  email us!  workshop at makeatx dot com.  amor on cork to you all, kristen + eve + the makeatx team!