Saturday, March 31, 2012

new products!

keep an eye out for our new coaster sets available at shops around austin and perhaps in our etsy store too! here's a sneak peek:

"just add crystal pepsi" 1990s-themed mistaken lyrics coasters

"just add new coke" : 1980s-themed mistaken lyrics coasters 

 "older songs for younger hears" : vintage tune-themed mistaken lyric coasters

"correct giggles for incorrect reasons" : highly immature mistaken lyric coasters

"semi-edible theme, inedible coasters" : snack food-themed mistaken lyric coasters 

"eat it, just eat it" : food-themed mistaken lyric coasters

"amor on cork" : love-themed mistaken lyric coasters

"giggles for silly gooses" : animal-themed mistaken lyric coasters

and stay tuned for our greatest hits coaster set!  suggestions for more funny mistaken lyrics coasters or themes?  email us!  workshop at makeatx dot com.  amor on cork to you all, kristen + eve + the makeatx team!

Friday, March 23, 2012

the usual spectacular happenings at the shop

for months now, we've been collecting photos of all the spectular events, happenings, products and prototypes rolling into and out of this humble little shop.  today we finally share them with you!  here's a peek at what you may have missed:

two friends applying glitter to a 'celebrate' banner!

a supportive sister assembling moustaches!

heartless machine show-and-tell at a dorkbot event- totally rad and beautiful inventions!

another dorkbot presentation - it's not a spirograph; it's cooler!

a shadowbox-making birthday party!

an inventive file folder cut from record sleeves!

buttons designed by our resident fashion expert!

christmas vacation movie quotes on christmas gift coaster sets!

moving gear business cards from movemint bike cab!

a wooden hinge!



an iphone case in the making and its incredible packaging prototypes!

moustaches!  lots of fabric moustaches!

etched glass hovering over art!

see?!  neat.

rare bears etched into bathroom tiles!

islands in a pile.

wedding invitations for a love affair started in scotland! 

a family portrait etched into limestone!

map puzzle prototypes!

love letter puzzles in the making!

a printed kepler waiting for his brahe!

fan parts in r&d phase!

a wooden finger puppet!

birds perfect for a wedding!

an etched sign!

a citrus-themed wood block for printing!

a new direction in puzzle design!


jewelry hangers in the making!

yes, yes indeed! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

MAKE CUP 2012 // first annual spring lawn games

sunday, march 25th, we will be hosting the first ever MAKEcup -- join us for snacks, drinks and more! events will include badminton, bocce ball, croquet and ladderball. one lucky (and talented) individual will be crowned 'lawn games grand champion' and go home with our coveted $1 customized MAKEcup trophy. wear your whites (or not) and get ready for a showdown!