Thursday, February 16, 2012

trash diaries

They say what you throw away says a lot about you, and that must be true, because our trash is kinda awesome.

In addition to the usual suspects (for example, fully functioning mustache stencils can often be found), there are always new treasures to take note of as our members tackle new shapes and materials.  Were it not safely locked up in the studio every night, our (relatively clean) trash would certainly entertain the most seasoned of dumpster divers.

So yes, members beware!  We're entirely too curious not to take the occasional peek at the contents of our trash bins.  We recommend you do not discard of the following items at the MAKEatx workshop: receipts of embarrassing purchases, murder weapons, love letters from exes, and anything else that might be incriminating if blogged about.  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

a very laserable valentine's day

We know that you, our readers, being such a thoughtful and creative bunch, have probably had your Valentine's Days planned out for months and certainly don't need our help to sweep your loved ones off their feet.  Just in case you're interested in a few finishing touches, though, we thought we'd share a few craft ideas you can put the laser cutter to work on!

One of the most important aspects of Valentine's Day is beautifully presented sweets, so we love these "anti-Valentine" sucker cards from byMMcC.

Heart garlands, like this one from How About Orange, add a festive touch to any room and the assembly is a kid-friendly craft project.   

To infuse an extra dose of whimsy into your love's morning cup of tea, check out this Design*Sponge tutorial for heart shaped tea bags and go to town with the packaging.

Last but not least, the old faithful Valentine's Day card may be as traditional as it gets, but it certainly doesn't have to be boring!  Check out these valentines by Ashley Pahl for some cut-out inspiration.  

If you have any more laser-cut Valentine's Day crafting ideas or want to show off some of your own creations, send them our way!